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Organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries are constantly seeking motivated, qualified, and experienced talent for their teams. ConsignMed goes one step further by filling roles and facilitating rewarding relationships between institutions and individuals.

We understand the need for flexible outsourcing models that enhance productivity, decrease time to market and deliver larger cost efficiencies for clinical development programs. Whether your company needs to contract teams to run clinical trials, sell and support medical devices, or perform other related responsibilities, our mission is to seek out the most qualified people for the role.

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Connecting You to Opportunity

When top-tier clinical talent joins industry-leading organizations, everyone benefits. ConsignMed specializes in placing talent with organizations that represent their values, share their desire to innovate, and can facilitate personal and professional growth.

Once you’ve joined an organization, we’ll continue to advocate on your behalf by supporting you with contract negotiation, new projects, credentialing, payroll support, and more.

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More Than 20 Years of Nurse and Woman-Led Excellence

Noemi Raines, BSN, RN, founded ConsignMed in 2003 when she recognized the unmet needs of research professionals and sponsor companies. More than 20 years later, ConsignMed has set a new standard for matching qualified talent with leading organizations in the health and biotech industries.

With years of nursing experience, Noemi Raines and Suzie Webster, BSN, RN, use their unique perspective to facilitate and cultivate fulfilling relationships between top-tier talent and cutting-edge companies.

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