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Field Positions We Fill

Nurse Educator Teams

Proper training is critical in all areas of medicine. Our team of nurse educators helps prospective nurses learn the clinical skills, patient care methods, and collaboration techniques required in today's healthcare settings.

Our Nurse Education Program focuses on brand awareness, compliance, and patient communication. Our teams understand the dynamics of effectively educating healthcare professionals on new and existing brands and have experience with access strategy and reimbursement.

In Servicing

ConsignMed's team of in-service professionals works with clients to ensure hospital staff receives proper training on new and existing products. Our capabilities range from groups of 5 to 75 experienced reps.

Each team member has the skills to formulate, implement, and evaluate current procedures for a facility-wide in-service program. We will also provide and/or arrange facility-wide orientation and ongoing training programs/in-service competencies.

Product Conversion

Because adopting new technologies in a clinical category can be complex, successful product conversion begins in the strategic phase. Our collective experience has shaped our philosophy that two components are necessary for successful evaluation and conversion: a clinical focus team and a logistical/supply chain focus team.

The two teams work closely to develop and manage the conversion process by identifying the opportunity, planning and executing a thorough evaluation, and leading the transition to the new product.

Clinical Specialists

Our CS teams work directly with clients' sales reps to identify training needs and plan execution strategies accordingly. They identify non-adopters in assigned accounts and employ consultative conversion strategies that lead to adoption.

Our process includes consulting and collaborating with customers to uncover their unique needs and identify working solutions. Additionally, our team partners with Territory Sales Managers to develop and execute strategies that align with sales projections.

Operating Room Case Coverage

Our coverage teams provide technical support in the operating room, surgery centers, or the doctor's office. They identify training needs and non-adopters in assigned accounts and communicate relevant, actionable information back to the sales rep.

With a focus on facilitating relationships, our team focuses on multiple call points during frequency of contact visits (ex. Physician, Management, Tech, RN, education, Bio-Med, etc.). They ensure all product issues or concerns are properly addressed to ensure the achievement of long and short-term goals.

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Teams

As experts in communication, our MSLs provide a scientific bridge between biopharma and healthcare professionals. They have extensive scientific training and academic credentials (PA, NP, or PharmD). All MSLs are experts at establishing and maintaining peer-to-peer relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) throughout each organization.

Their role pre, during, and post is essential. This non-promotional perspective allows them privileged access to healthcare professionals and fosters trust and credibility. We recognize the importance of ensuring these interactions are compliant and unequivocally non-commercial.

Marketing Representatives

In this role, we utilize the clinical specialist and the service support rep as a team. We believe this is most effective as specialists understand the importance of building relationships, educating staff, and cross-selling against a competitor's product.

Possessing the skills to present the value proposition and the disease state makes these reps unique in this field force support space. Our model allows brands to establish or reestablish their value as a source of high-quality information while also providing an exemplary standard of service with a broad reach.

Credentialing and Additional Services

Pursue organizational success without compromise. We help you hire talented, experienced professionals and effectively manage their time and credentials, all while staying within budget.


The privileging process is time-consuming and tedious for administrative teams at organizations of all sizes. In partnership with medical device and equipment manufacturers, ConsignMed serves field representatives with credentialing solutions.

Our multi-phase method is comprehensive, but can be tailored to accommodate specific needs. We aim to help you take back your most important resource: time to spend selling and educating your clients.

Team Building

Build a contract team that lays a foundation for success. We have experience cross-recruiting experts internally but can also identify and recruit outside talent that aligns with your vision.

We carefully vet each potential addition to your team for your peace of mind. All new hires undergo an extensive screening process with a collection of more than 20 compliance documents.

Shared Resources

Our goal is to help you succeed, which is why we place affordability high on our priority list. Utilize the best talent on a pay-per-utilization basis without exceeding your budget.

We leverage our nationwide network of shared resources to fill field needs. If you don't currently need full-time help in a particular territory, we have the flexibility to fill in the gaps wherever you need additional assistance. If the situation changes, your investment is not lost when you convert consultants to full-timers.


Aligning schedules is a challenge every organization faces when adding new team members. ConsignMed's extensive network of professionals allows you to get the help you need when you need it.

We are able to serve our clients with backup resources because we have access to hundreds of nationwide consultants. If you experience a scheduling conflict, our team taps into the next available consultant.


Data collection drives decision-making in today's marketplace. That's why ConsignMed collects and reports custom data that leads to actionable insights.

Created with information collected over several years, ConsignMed has developed a process for reporting secure data back to field management. Limit the guesswork and feel confident knowing you have the numbers you need at your fingertips.

Onboarding & More

In addition to our core offerings, we have the resources to provide additional services, including new hire onboarding, regulatory and product training, records maintenance, and more.

Additionally, as an extension of our full-service credentialing, ConsignMed serves client employees with a credentialing concierge, also known as Vendor Access. From absorbing fees to updating multiple profiles, our team caters to your organization's needs. Get in touch with a ConsignMed representative today for additional information.

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